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Vote on Election Day - August 26th

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School board seats will be decided in the primary - august 26

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Your Vote Matters!

June 26, 2014

Election day is approaching and we need every member to remember to vote in both the August primary and November general election. Election turnout is critical this year, especially during the primary. PEA members will be calling other PEA members to remind them to vote in the primary.


There are three school board seats that are on the ballot, District 3, District 6 and District 7. The candidates have agreed to be interviewed for a possible recommendation for election. Once the interviews take place any recommendations will be posted here.

These seats will be decided in the PRIMARY, August 26th. Since this is a very busy time of year for school employees please consider voting by mail. It is easy, fast, and convenient. To request a vote by mail ballot from the Polk Supervisor of Elections, or click on WHAT’S NEW above.  


remember to vote in the primary!


Once you sign up for a mail ballot in the primary you will also get a mail ballot in November for the General Election.  


Corporate voucher program expansion is unwarranted

June 30, 2014

  Florida Education Association (FEA) Vice President Joanne McCall criticized the expansion of the corporate voucher program signed into law today by Gov. Rick Scott.


“This expansion of corporate vouchers comes at the expense of our underfunded public schools,” McCall said. “Instead of investing to make every public school as good as it can be, the Legislature and the governor divert a rapidly growing chunk of taxpayer dollars into these voucher schools and the groups that run them.”


McCall noted the stark differences in what the state expects from public schools and voucher schools.


“Public schools face a strict accountability regimen that includes frequent testing, school grades and punitive actions for not meeting state mandates,” McCall said. “But taxpayer dollars flowing to voucher schools require very little accountability and can in no way be compared to what is required for public schools. This unfair dual system must stop.”


McCall said FEA was exploring its options about whether to challenge the voucher expansion in the courts.